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Creating strong inbound marketing strategies with Pay Per Call services will prove invaluable to your business. Our pay per call tracking solutions help you connect with more prospective clients via the phone, increasing customer interaction, retention, and conversions.

What is Pay Per Call?

The majority of consumers looking to make purchases utilize their smartphones to initiate the process. What Pay Per call creates is a performance marketing funnel by which third-party publishers drive quality calls to your company via advertising.

How Pay Per Call Works

Pay Per Call works via online advertising with active call links. The customer sees your ad, makes the call, and engages in a conversation with your call center. This approach lets you pay only for qualified calls, lowering your advertising ROI. Additional benefits include:


Customer Insight

We use the best technology in the market to create customized and automated menus, providing you with behavioral insights based on your customer's actions.


Keyword Tracking

Our search keyword tracking services allows you to track all calls back to specific keywords and search engines. Learn and understand the keywords that are performing well so that you can adjust your ad calls and bids and perfect your campaign.



Our platform is designed to provide you with the flexibility you need to attribute and track phone calls for your unique business objectives and requirements. It is easy for our in-house professionals to generate unique tracking phone numbers and assign them to a particular campaign and/or publisher. Therefore, when someone calls that number, you will know the campaign or publisher that drove them to you.


Conversation Monitoring

The pay per call reports we generate will also show who called you, what happened during the conversation, and provide complete call attribution. Our interactive voice response (IVR) as well as routing and filtering options work in real time to ensure that all your customers receive an optimal experience while talking to you.

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