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Ready to create the perfect storm of online success for your business ventures? Take a look at our search retargeting services. Our search retargeting services are designed to target your audiences based on previous keyword searches performed on Bing, Yahoo! and Google.

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How does it work?

Traditional site retargeting works when end users visit your website or mobile app, showing your ads to site visitors who left without responding to a CTA or converting. Search retargeting works in a similar way, but end users never need to actually visit your site. All it takes is a search for a keyword phrase related to your business.


Potential customer searches for keyword phrase related to your business.


Data collector spots the search and inserts a cookie in the customer’s browser.


Your ad displays on social media and websites, providing real-time targeting.

Why are our retargeting services in such high demand?

Simply put, searches are a powerful indicator of intent. The vast majority of consumers leverage online search when making a purchase, making it the ideal time for you to step in. Online advertising has become expensive, too. Search retargeting is a way to get precision targeting at lower cost.

With our search retargeting services, you get:

  • Precision Targeting that spots your ideal consumer

  • Increased Conversion Rates from consumers already looking for what you have to offer

  • Lower Cost per Click or Acquisition over traditional online advertising

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